“Passion” probably isn’t first on the list of words  associated with “yogurt,” but for Valentine’s Day, we set out to change that. 

We teamed up with @UnnecessaryInventions on Instagram to create 7 totally new, totally unnecessary inventions, to help the masses enjoy noosa with the passion it deserves. 

Won Ad of the Week on Campaign US (the week of the Super Bowl)

Featured in:
USA Today, Trend Hunter, Yahoo, Mediapost, Shots, Ads Of The World, SF Egotist, Agency Spy, Spoon University, The Dispatch, and Very Busy Brands.

We teased out our inventions on social

Then we dropped one every day, the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Noosa fans loved it.

Made at BSSP 
CW: Forrest Quinn
GCD: Nicole McDonough